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Giftcoin (GIFT) Ethereum N/A 03/20/2018 04/19/2018 ( -1 days left)
Giftcoin is about creating transparency and trust in the giving process. Right now, giving money to charity is a one-directional experience. You give money, and you hope it goes where you intended it. When you give with Giftcoin, you can have absolute confidence that your money is going exactly where you intended.
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47% Tech development 29% PR, marketing and sales 12% Legal and accounting 7% Admin 5% Overheads

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Alexander Pierce 23 Jan 2:00 pm
message user image
Is this template really for free? That's unbelievable!
Sarah Bullock 23 Jan 2:05 pm
message user image
You better believe it!
Alexander Pierce 23 Jan 5:37 pm
message user image
Working with AdminLTE on a great new app! Wanna join?
Sarah Bullock 23 Jan 6:10 pm
message user image
I would love to.

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