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Smarter Contract (SMTR) Ethereum 50,500,000 04/03/2018 05/24/2018 ( 2 days left)
Resolving disputes between the parties to smart contracts. Say you sign a smart contract with me to do some work. I say I did it, but you say I didn't. We need a 3rd party to determine the truth. Smarter Contract provides that 3rd party to smart contracts.
Additional Details
Token Sale 37,500,000 SMTR 62.50% Token Bonus Program 12,500,000 SMTR 20.80% Allocation to Smarter Contract Inc 10,000,000 SMTR 16.70% Coinschedule Comment Policy Please read our Comment Policy before commenting.

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Alexander Pierce 23 Jan 2:00 pm
message user image
Is this template really for free? That's unbelievable!
Sarah Bullock 23 Jan 2:05 pm
message user image
You better believe it!
Alexander Pierce 23 Jan 5:37 pm
message user image
Working with AdminLTE on a great new app! Wanna join?
Sarah Bullock 23 Jan 6:10 pm
message user image
I would love to.

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